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Sakib Gore

The desire for name, fame and game is the motivating factor for most people to do their best. But there are those who want to work for the satisfaction they derive from it and even pay out of their pocket to accomplish it. Sakib Gore, a resident of Badlapurgaon is one such. For 26 years, he has helped the partially blind and those on the verge of losing their sight.

Known as ‘Drushti Doot’ (giver of sight), he was recently honored with the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Samaj Bhushan award by the social justice ministry, the highest award given by the state government to those working for the upliftment of the oppressed and depressed classes of society.

Lakhs of tribals, Dalits and economically backward classes are able to see only because Sakib persuaded them to undergo cataract surgery as their vision was impaired and helped restore their sight. For Sakib, seeing the joy on the face of one who can see is more important than any award.

So how did Sakib go from being truck porter to ‘Drushti Doot’? “It was 1986 or ’87 when I was just 17 or 18. We are five brothers and one sister. I had no interest in education and dropped out of school after seventh grade and took on family responsibility. I started work with a Kothari mamu (uncle) as cleaner on his truck. I worked to load and unload heavy goods in the market, which brought in additional Rs 80-90 per day. I think I earned Rs 120 per day. If I managed Rs 200 per day, it was a big deal for me as I was the only member of the family who began earning at such a young age.”

Sakib’s father had left home in 1967 and has not returned till date. So young Sakib’s earnings helped the family meet its day-to-day needs. “Kothari offered one vada paav a day for unloading trucks and that was more than enough for me,” says Sakib.

Then one day, his mother took him along to visit their neighbor, an old woman who was dying. She had been born blind. She had never seen the beauty of nature, nor her husband, sons and grandsons. She recognized them by touch. “She was dying but there was no pain on her face.  On the other hand, I met another old man on his deathbed, who was very anxious and afraid. He wanted to live.”

“I asked my mother the difference between these two persons. She explained, as the woman had never seen the beauty of nature, everything was probably dark in her world. Her journey was from darkness to darkness, so there was no anxiety. However, the man had enjoyed life, had seen the world and hence he was not ready to leave our beautiful earth. That day, for the first time I understood the importance of sight. This had an impact on my life and ever since, I have worked for blind and semi-blind people,” Sakib said.



  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Samaj Bhushan (Dalit Mitra)

  (Government of Maharashtra)

  • Vision Friend was Featured in the Vision of Antyodya Book by IRSN
  • Published by Ministry of Culture. (Government of India)
  •  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Ratna Award on the occasion of 125 Birth Anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. (New York , United States of America)
  • The Vision Award (London, United Kingdom)
  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Dur Andesh Award (By Majlise Mushoverin)
  • Certiicate of Appreciation for Corona Warriors the American University for Globle Peace (United States of America)
  • Sir Saiyyad Ahmed Khan Sange Talim Award (By Lant Rani Media House)
  •  Excellence Award in Social Works – Nationwide Entrepreneur Award 2019. (Hyderabad, Telangana)
  •  Sakal Excellence Award (Sakal Times)
  •  Balashastri Jambhekar State Marathi Journalist Association(Reg.) “State- Level Social Worker award”
  • Sawali Gaurav Award (Panvatha Foundation)
  •  Drushti Doot Award (Chava Kranti Sena)
  • Shahid Abdul Hamid Khidmat-E-Khalk Award (By Chistiya Foundation)
  • Sir Usman Ali Khan Golden Award (By Palghar Muslim Tanzeem)
  •  ” Samaj Bhushan Award” (By Jivandeep Education Institute, Kalyan)
  • Badlapur Education Committee ” Drusti Mitra Award” on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Festival.


  • President, Sahyadri Welfare Education Society, Deheri, Gorakh Gadh, Taluka Murbad
  • President, Parent’s Team Kulgaon Badlapur School.
  • Secretary, Anjuman High School, Badlapur.
  •  Trustee, Janmada Eye & Medical Foundation, Badlapur


  • Member, Indian Social Responsibility Network (Delhi)
  • Member, Patient Welfare Committee, Ambernath Taluka Rural Hospital.
  • Member, Badlapur Seva Sahakari Society

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