100 Days of COVID-19 Relief

My Continues work Of providing free Eyecare was Halted due to The Announcement of Our Hon. Prime minister for Lockdown which was due to the Raging Crises of the COVID 19 pandemic. I was noticed by the Civil Surgeon, Thane that ongoing cataract camps and Future eye care camps should be Immediately Suspended. Emergency Lockdown paralyzed transportation, Small scale Business, and Factories, etc. Basically the world came to a standstill. this led to unimaginable pain and suffering to the Daily wage workers, Farmers, Adivasi, and low income Citizens our country. This National Crises now increased my responsibility to help them tenfold times. Me and my team, Worked day and night to ensure that these 42kg monthly food ration bags with Face mask, Sanitizers, and Immunity booster medicines were packed and delivered in 3 designated delivery vehicles. on my 65th day of service on 22nd June 2020. Covid 19 caught up to us and 6 members of my team got Infected by this disease. My whole family of 18 and the Families of my Team, Equaling to 53 People were Quarantined for 28 Days. On the bright side In this Relief campaign more than 1,21,000 Needy People were beneitted. 




42 Kg per Bag